De La Soul Is Dead- 25 Years Later

De La Soul
I feel old because I listened the De La Soul is Dead CD, and I played it all the time. This article by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib about De La Soul and black weirdness is great because it hammers home the idea that black people are NOT a monolith. Furthermore, all the shit that people do is black shit. Even the stereotypical “white shit” is actually black shit.

What I most disliked about the 2015 movie Dope, despite all of its good intentions, is the way we are introduced to the young black character. He’s a kid who likes rap and punk, collects records, and does well in school. The film’s intro, though tongue in cheek, brands these things as “white shit.” It’s a tale as old as black time, even now, because those who push against these narratives still aren’t as seen as they should be. All of this — everything we do as black people — is “black shit.”

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