How Black Social Media Ruled 2015


black people at sxsw

Black people over-index on social media especially Twitter, and I think journalists and media are finally paying attention. Black people use Twitter to watch live TV like The Wiz, sports (The SuperBowl), Empire, and reality TV (any of the Love and Hip Hop and Real Housewives franchise).

Black people use Twitter #hashtag for jokes. It’s the online version to “the dozens” or “yo mama” jokes.

Black people use Twitter to call out the media for not covering news like the Daniel Holtzclaw or for offensive word choice for headlines (i.e. The LA Times polls with Serena Williams to American Pharoah)

The most newsworthy way Black people use Twitter is through activism. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is one of the prominent hashtag.

Anyway, as 2015 ends, it is good to look back at how social media AND mainstream media were affected by Black Twitter.

18 Times Black Twitter Broke The Internet In 2015 via Huffington Post.

The Power of Black Twitter via The Daily Beast

Great Moments in Black Twitter History via Complex

Mark Luckie curates a daily post on Medium called, Today in Black Twitter.

In addition, the latest gossip is no longer dispensed through blog websites like TMZ or even World Star Hip Hop. Instead, Instagram accounts like Baller Alert and The Shade Room are the source for the latest news. With Instagram having rising engagement rates, it makes sense.

I don’t know about the use of Snapchat, but I bet some Black people are doing something cool with it.

UPDATE: The New York Times has an article about how DJ Khaled uses Snapchat.

Buzzfeed notes that The Shade Room is changing the gossip industry.


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