The Inventive Ways To Slur Us Should Be Spent On Seasoning Food

I was listening to the podcast “Another Round” today and they were talking about the VMAs, MTV’s Video Music Awards). In particular, Hannah (guest on the show, Buzzfeed writer ) and Tracy (co-host) were talking about media and Twitter reaction to Nicki Minaj calling out Miley Cyrus. I don’t want to re-hash that beef here, but I was inspired by what Hannah and Tracy said.

Tracy mentioned’s calling Nicki “savage” and she and Hannah are amazed that white people are so inventive with finding words that convey the same meaning as the racial slur, “nigger”.

“Spend more energy seasoning food” said Hannah.

This got me thinking to the coded language that some people are using. Here’s a list of some of the words.

  • Ghetto
  • Thug
  • Urban
  • Street
  • Criminal Element
  • Savage
  • Angry
  • Hate Group

I am Black and I have never been called those words, yet. The first time I was called a nigger was by a little white girl in a department store.  I was not much older than the little girl myself, and I remembered feeling hurt and confused. The code words that people using today are not fooling anyone. It is disrespectful to Black people’s history and humanity, I want it to stop.

Speaking of seasoning food,  Dora Charles, who worked for Paula Deen for decades, has a new cookbook coming out.  In her interview with The New York Times’, she mentioned the importance of seasoning food.

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