Do You Fix Your Man’s Plate?


Family reunion, cookouts, barbecues are doing the most this time of year.  There’s a debate that has arisen that may have started from an Instagram meme or a #BlackTwitter debate.  Should you fix your man’s plate?! In my opinion,  fixing a plate is equal parts hospitality, generosity and tradition. For the detractors who consider it to be old-fashioned, it may be just practical.  Fixing your man or significant other’s plate may stem from the fact that if you two are at family function or public place where seating is limited, it is best that one half of the couple hold the seats for both.  You know the expression, “You snooze; you lose”.  If both of you get up, there may not be seat for you when you return. Saving seats is hard. I have fixed plates for boyfriends, my Dad, my mom and sisters.  I don’t have a problem with doing it. However as gender roles change, some people don’t feel it is necessary and even deride women who do.  Not everything is a feminist or non-feminist act.  Straight From The A talked about the debate recently and Clutch magazine tackled the issue of plate fixing back in May of 2012.

Long story short: As long as you man or significant other fixes your plate or does some other token of generosity, that it’s ok to fix their plate.  Just don’t fix a #struggleplate. Nobody wants a struggle plate.:)

P.S. I don’t know if it will be addressed at the Soul Summit African American Foodways happening in Austin but it’s ripe for discussion.

2 thoughts on “Do You Fix Your Man’s Plate?

  1. Had this long debate over plate fixin with my grown daughter. Funny! I’m pretty sure I was on their side of the argument when I was their age. Now, at 50, I am a plate fixer. Who knew!

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